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ExIm English - sigGreetings! If you are browsing this blog or our website (www.eximenglish.com) because you are desirous of raising your ability to communicate in the English language to a higher, more sophisticated level, we welcome you!

Traveling for the joy and adventure of seeing new sights and being exposed to new cultures is an admirable pursuit. If you are visiting a country where English is understood–and there are many more countries in that category than you can imagine, being able to communicate basic information to shop owners, taxi drivers, and waiters at restaurants is a distinct advantage, and of course is typical of the level of English we call “tourist English.” And being understood, even if only barely enough to make a purchase, get to your desired destination, or to make sure that the food that shows up at your table is what you thought you ordered, is usually good enough for tourists.

However, imagine for a moment that you are the chief financial officer of a Spanish, German, or Slovenian manufacturing company involved in the acquisition of a supplier in an English-speaking country that makes patented components critical for your finished products; or you are the vice president of sales for a Brazilian or Chilean company involved in negotiations with a major distribution partner in North America, a key export market; or you are the general director of a Japanese or Indian machinery manufacturer dealing with governmental officials in Australia who can make or break your sales there depending your ability to show cause why they should reduce import duties on your exports to their country? Trusting your sensitive negotiations to an interpreter who will act as the sole conduit for accurately communicating your carefully-crafted benefit statements or sales message, places a layer of separation between you and the (presumably) similarly high-level executive or official on the other side of the table from you, and risks miscommunication and potential failure of your mission.

If you are a an environmental science professional who is meeting with English-speaking colleagues at an international symposium, or you have been invited to an English-speaking country by a major university to work on a project with experts in your field, having a good grasp of not only advanced English, but the proper use of English terms, acronyms, and idioms common to your specific area of expertise will be extremely valuable in the advancement your collaboration.

If you are a diplomat assigned to high-level and/or sensitive negotiations with an English-speaking country’s officials or politicians and your English is sub-par, like the senior business executive mentioned above you will be dependent on an interpreter to clearly communicate the mutual benefits and goals required for a successful treaty or formal “understanding.”

Have you ever been involved in situation such as a negotiation with an English-speaking counterpart who has been using an interpreter to communicate with you; and later, when you are in a less formal setting such as a dinner party, the man or woman you have just spent hours bantering with through your interpreter leans over to you and asks you a question in your native language with a near-perfect accent? I can tell you that I have, and when that happens your mind immediately begins racing, trying to remember what you confided audibly to other members of your team at the negotiating table; things that you might have said that could have been overheard by this person whom you now discover had understood everything that was said on both sides of the table!

ExIm Partners, LLC, an international export and trade finance consultancy has been involved in assisting clients with their international sales, marketing, distribution, licensing, off-shoring,  and transactional finance for 45 years. Having done business “on the ground” in 60+ countries, we have accumulated knowledge and experience that only very few international consultants, professionals, and diplomats can claim equivalency with. This hands-on knowledge and expertise is what makes ExIm English unique, and becomes invaluable to our clients when we are tutoring sophisticated English grammatical nuances and the specialized English vocabulary of business, finance, law, medicine, science, diplomacy, etc. Furthermore, we teach the English that is used in the level of society associated with the elite in business, diplomacy, and the professional world of medicine and science. This is the raison d’être of ExIm English.

ExIm English, a division of ExIm Partners, LLC, was created to fulfill the needs of businessmen, professionals and diplomats who are at the top of their fields but lack the English language skills to fit the station they have achieved in their profession. Our tutors and instructors are hand-picked for the particular individual they will be instructing, based on their backgrounds in business, diplomatic service, or profession and that of our client.

Contact ExIm English if you are at or near the pinnacle of achievement in your chosen field, but need the level and sophistication of English to go with it.

Thank you for visiting our website and blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stephen Costanzo, Managing Director


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