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LogoYou have had a successful life in business, the medical profession or sciences, or possibly you have served in the diplomatic corps; but no matter what level you reached or successes you have achieved in the past, you would still like to keep your hand in the excitement while being able to take a step back from the activity and stress associated with being involved full-time in your former profession. If that describes you fairly well, then ExIm English has a great idea for you!

Whether you are retired, semi-retired or, due to changes at your former post you are keeping your eye open for something exciting, challenging, well-compensated, and something that can take you almost anywhere in the world you want to go, then look no further than ExIm English!

ExIm Partners, LLC, an international export and trade finance consultancy is expanding their ExIm English division. ExIm English offers English education programs for corporations, senior-level, business executives, professionals, and diplomats in various countries around the world. Unlike the typical English language schools that take anyone for students, from children to adults, and from any walk of life, ExIm English’s exclusive clients are corporations, governments, and individual senior executives or professionals who are leaders in their respective fields of activity. Yet like many at those levels our clients have have found a need to improve in their English skills, vocabulary and grammar so that they can communicate at the level and sophistication commensurate with their station in life in the English language, the de facto language of business, science, and much of the diplomacy that takes place around the world.

ExIm English’s professional tutors and instructors are men and women who have “been there–done that,” to quote an overused idiom. They generally have high-level experience in business or in select professions, have recently retired or decided to “semi-retire,” and they love international travel and living. Our tutors and teachers acquired the proper credentials for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) either prior to or following our interviews with them; interviews that determined their potential with ExIm Partners based on their career achievements and level and knowledge of English. With rare exception, they are native English-speakers with classic British or American English pronunciation. Non-native English-speakers with the right professional background and accurate American or British pronunciation (without an accent) are considered as well.

Not every native-English speaking, former senior-level business executive, professional in medicine or science, or top-level diplomat will qualify for a post at ExIm English. Their skills and sophistication with the English language are equally as important to us as their professional achievements. Whether you currently have TEFL certification and actual teaching experience or not, please see our Employment page for instructions on how to apply. If you have the right skills and qualifications, we will see that you get proper TEFL certification. Once you are certified, you can choose a preferred country for a tutoring/teaching post or pick from your “bucket list” of countries where you have never been and are adventurous enough to take a teaching post there. Our teaching assignments are for a minimum period of time–usually up to one year, with extensions or transfers to new assignments and/or new countries possible thereafter.

If you haven’t seen enough of the world or experienced new cultures on an intimate basis, here is your chance. If you have already but can’t seem to get enough of those experiences, like many of us at ExIm English, then we can highly recommend ExIm English as a way to do so, and get compensated for it at the same time!

ExIm English: See the world. Again.



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