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Stephen H. Costanzo,  Managing Partner, ExIm English

Stephen H. Costanzo Managing Partner ExIm English

In 1992, American Country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter recorded a song simply titled “The Bug.” In it the lyrics say, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug…”

The basic message here is that you can be proactive and create a positive outcome in life, or you can be passive and let life happen to you.  It is not a long stretch of this “windshield and bug” metaphor to realize that clients of ExIm English have found a potent tool in the quest to becoming that windshield in their business or profession–or in life itself. Having a superior knowledge of the world’s single most important language in business, the sciences, or in diplomatic circles is not just a luxury anymore, it can make the difference between being the proverbial windshield or being that bug; in other words increasing your chances of being on the winning side, or being an “also-ran.”

Those who are already successful in business, the sciences, or diplomacy already know that no person can over-learn the English language–even a native English-speaker. There are always relevant phrases, vocabulary, and grammar to add to one’s expedients that will single out the speaker as educated, distinguished, and influential, among many other implied, positive attributes.

There is an old saying that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. If a person’s use of their native language is rough or of low origin, that person will be regarded as uneducated or lower class–even if they have a university degree or are descended from nobility. Whether it is right or wrong, what comes out of our mouths says more about us than what kind of car we drive, what we are wearing, or what kind of fragrance we are using. If it talks like a pig it’s probably a pig, despite the heavy use of lip rouge.

Granted, a person who is speaking a language that is obviously not native to them is treated differently. Senior-level business executives and professionals from Great Britain or the United States, for example, understand intuitively that someone who is a foreigner may be highly educated even if their English language skills are rudimentary. However, while your inaccurate use of English grammar or speaking at a very simple level of English due to an inadequate vocabulary may be excused by your English-speaking business clients, professional colleagues, or the American or British consular officials and diplomats you deal with, you won’t have the same respect or influence you would have if you spoke English not only fluently, but in an authoritative, sophisticated style.

ExIm English was created exclusively to provide senior-level business executives, professionals and diplomats English language knowledge and skills commensurate with their professional and social status. If you feel that in your position you could benefit from a higher, more sophisticated level of English, then contact us for more information and a strictly confidential evaluation. We will analyze your specific needs and goals with the English language, taking into account your current skill levels in speaking, reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar, and propose a private, individualized program that will allow you to attain your goals. To keep your inquiry strictly confidential, please use the contact form on our Contact Us page, or fax your personal contact information to the fax number listed there.

I personally look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Costanzo, Managing Partner


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