ExIm English, English Language Education Programs for Corporations, Business Executives, and Professionals

ExIm Professional Diplomat EnglishIn a world where well over one-third (35.7%) of the 7.116 billion people on Earth speak English as their native language, it is clear that for any government the use of English in international relations is vital to its sovereign interests. Your country’s professional diplomats are tasked with promoting your nation’s economic, political, cultural, and environmental agenda and protecting your nation by negotiating defense and natural resources treaties. International treaties at this level are usually negotiated by professional diplomats prior to endorsement by national politicians.


ExIm English, a division of ExIm Partners, LLC, is uniquely qualified in diplomatic English language education. ExIm Partners’ team of senior executive consultants have successfully done business at the highest levels in 60 countries on 4 continents. By necessity we have created working relationships with ministers of finance, PTT’s (post, telephone and telegraph), commerce, energy, agriculture, education, defense, and sovereign federal banks around the world in the process of assisting our corporate clients with getting business signed, approved, and financed. In doing so, we have acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience to negotiate ways through seemingly impossible bureaucratic red tape and political impasses.


Exim English has leveraged the successful consulting legacy of ExIm Partners in international business and finance,Negotiations in a private setting and added top-level, former diplomats who also hold TEFL certifications. These unique specialists can teach your key envoys and negotiators the level and quality of diplomatic English necessary to be effective in negotiations without the interference of cumbersome interpreters and translators.


ExIm English diplomat educators teach the language of diplomacy in concert with additional negotiating techniques and strategies brought over from ExIm Partners’ board-level consulting team. Your key representatives will acquire the English skills necessary to be effective, and along the way being coached on additional strategies and counterstrategies, processes and methodologies that only experienced former diplomats can expertly convey.