ExIm English, English Language Education Programs for Corporations, Business Executives, and Professionals

Scientist, physician, engineer, economist, geochemist, physicist, biologist,Whether you are a scientist, physician, engineer, architect, economist, geochemist, physicist, biologist, or even a doctoral candidate, communicating with like professionals from other countries is a virtual requirement for success in a single project or in your career as a professional. And like high-level executives in business have discovered, you will likely be at a significant advantage in your professional pursuits if you are conversant in English within your specialty.


Depending on your profession, and the position you wish achieve within your chosen field, you may need to be at the upper intermediate (B2) level or advanced (C1) level of proficiency in the English language, plus be versed in and familiar with specific English technical terms, idioms and acronyms common to and at the leading edge of your profession. An instructor of English who is an educator by profession will most likely be able to International professional, scientist, physician, architect, economist, chemist, physicist, biologist, doctoral candidateget you from your current level of English to the B2 or C1 level, but will be ill-equipped to be able to teach, let alone understand, the technical terms of your specific profession. A professional from your field of endeavor who speaks English may know the technical terms and concepts of your profession in English, but they may not know how to teach English efficiently or correctly.


To take you from where you are today with your English skills to where you need to be professionally should be an English instructor who is both certified in teaching English to speakers of foreign languages (TEFL/TESOL) and who is or recently has been a fellow professional in your field. Your tutor or instructor will be dedicated to making sure that your general English education is not only a success but that your professional English vocabulary will be rich in the terminology of your chosen vocation.


Depending on your current level of English, your professional goals, and your timetable for acquiring the needed knowledge and experience in English, your ExIm English TEFL Certified Instructor will customize a curriculum and tutoring schedule to meet your immediate and long terms needs. Contact us today for an expert evaluation of your English and a personal interview.