ExIm English, English Language Education Programs for Corporations, Business Executives, and Professionals

Join our teamWelcome to the careers page at ExIm English. We are a relatively new division of ExIm Partners but our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. We are looking for retired or former senior-level people from the corporate, professional, and diplomatic world to tutor English to leaders in your former field of specilization who are foreign nationals from non-English speaking and some English-speaking countries as well!


Our clientele are individual senior business executives, professionals, and diplomats as well as corporate and governmental entities who need to improve the working English of key executives and officiaries. We are looking for retired American or British board-level corporate executives; former US or British diplomats; former senior-level managers at NGO's involved in environment, education, human rights; recently retired professionals from medicine, natural or physical science, law, engineering, and educators who specialized in English education--literature, TEFL, creative writing etc. Individuals with post-graduate degrees preferred. Anyone applying must complete or have completed an approvedEmployment opportunities at ExIm English certificate course in TEFL/TESL.


Choose your general area of expertise below and follow the link to the currently listed opportunities. If there are none listed and you feel that you could be qualified to teach specialized English to top-level people from your former profession, we encourage you to forward your résumé along with a letter to us stating your interest and qualifications for such a position. A number of positions at ExIm English have been filled before being advertised. If you have your résumé on file with us you will be contacted prior to advertising a particular position that we feel you may be qualified for. Very often our clients look to us to provide them with additional skills, insights and strategies that you, as having been at a similar or even higher level in their specific field, will be able to impart to them as part of their ExIm English experience.







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