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EXECUTIVE ENGLISH TUTOR/INSTRUCTOR: Europe - Asia - Central/South America

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If there are no posts listed matching your desired position and you feel that you could be qualified to teach specialized English to top-level people from your former profession, we encourage you to forward your résumé by fax along with a letter to us stating your interest and qualifications for such a position. A number of positions at ExIm English have been filled before being advertised. If you have your résumé on file with us you will be contacted prior to advertising a particular position that we feel you may be qualified for. Very often our clients look to us to provide them with additional skills, insights and strategies that you, as having been at a similar or even higher level in their specific field, will be able to impart to them as part of their ExIm English experience.



Résumé and Cover Letter by fax only to: +1 (480) 393-5402

Attention: Executive English Hiring Manager


Note: All candidates will be required to be TEFL/TESL certified prior to hiring. In addition to meeting the post-specific requirements, non-native English-speakers may be required to pass an IELTS or other similarly-recognized English fluency exam. Details upon request.